Complete home automation system which can control shutter, heater, light (even with digital dimmers), ac outlet and the door bell
Can controled via a webinterface on any device with a WLAN-Connection. Or with hand on hardware nodes with touch sensing.

HomeControl contains many components. There are:

Every computer with a RS-232 and a network connection running Linux or Windows is possible to execute the server application. In this case is a Raspberry Pi used. It runs the server consolse application and a Apache webserver to provide the webinterface. Based on the configuration the server can additionally control directly ac outlets like in the example in a rack.

Mainboard: Contains up to seven subboards and is the interface between them and the server. The connection to the server is opto-isolated to avoid interferences.

Every subboard contains two individual strings to connect many (up to 126) nodes via RS-485. Every string can be turned completly off. It uses automotive MOSFETs to turn strings on and off and supports overcurrent, overvoltage and shortcut protection.

A node is sensor and also actor in once. It connects the RS485 bus with a touch interface, RGB-Leds, Temperature-Sensor and Relays. With use of a laser cut adapter plate it fits into a usual Merten frame.

With the config software you can adjust the individual settings of every node. It also allows to update the firmware of the nodes with the bootloader.