Language Tool

Easily manage, edit and implement localization support for .NET and Mono. An admin mode allows to create categories, keys and languages. A special version with limited access to settings is called user mode. There are only the translation itself is editable.

Easy integration

Include the generated .dll file in your project and access the translation strings via (enum)keys.

Fast and secure

Compared to other solutions which use xml or json and have to parse data. The project file contains a hash value, which is checked by the tool to notice a broken or modified project.


A clean and tidy GUI without the need to use a text editor. Categories, Filters and a search function ease the work.


Creates dynamic sentences. Values can be inserted at any place automaticly without any manual string operations.


Languages can be exported and imported. This allows to work simultaneous on different languages which can be merged at the end in one project file. CSV files also supported.

Under control

Every change is documented with timestamp, author and message and can be diffed and reverted.