Some references of our work

Language Tool

Manage different localizations for .NET or Mono projects. After entering translations for the needed languages, the software compiles the data to a dll which can be integrated into the software project. Translations for a language can accessed via categorized keys.

Turbine Monitoring

Provides live data of different wind turbine controllers (WP2000, WP3000, Bonus WTC2) and tracks the production and error history of the turbine. With the service menu errors can be reset and parameters changed remotely. Event notifications can be send via Email or telegram.

Home Control

Home automation system for lights, shutter, heaters, ac outlets and more. Can be controlled via webinterface or nodes. (Failsafe)Communication is realised with RS485 and a custom protocol with a CRC.


3D real-time multiplayer building/strategy game. 

NC2 QuickCheck Mobile

Android App to check the status of Nordex wind turbines with NC2 Controller in realtime. Additional a database containing failures and warnings with short desriptions and possible solutions is implemented.

Financial Managment

Keeps track of your incoming invoices and accounts. Generates pdf reports for different time spans. Contains a simple generator to create invoices for your business.